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Group Accident Expense Insurance

As a leader in the accident expense market, we're looking at how we can help our customers deal with increasingly high deductibles. So, we’re bringing you meaningful coverage through four distinct plans at a variety of price points, plus a unique Prime Benefits plan, for employers to choose from.

Why Accident Expense?

Father and Son

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, even a small accident could turn into a big problem for many employees and their families. United Schools Associates is here to make getting help and understanding coverage refreshingly simple.

Accident Expense insurance provides covered employees a direct payment that can be used to pay for medical expenses resulting from a covered accident. Payments can be used for other expenses too — groceries, rent, name it.


About Group Accident Expense

Choose from four distinct plans and price points, plus a unique Prime benefits plan – all of which are HSA-friendly*. Should an accident occur, a Group Accident Expense or Group Accident Expense - Prime Benefits policy may help cover expenses.

*Not HSA-compatible with Outpatient Care Rider

Group Accident Expense

Our plans provide benefits for expenses that may not be fully covered by major medical insurance. We offer four distinct plans across six care categories, along with valuable add-ons for extra financial protection.

  • Emergency care

  • Specific injury care

  • Surgical care

  • Supportive care

  • Hospital care

  • Preventive care

Group Accident Expense - Prime Benefits

The Prime Benefits plan is designed to respond to rising deductibles and copays. It includes these key benefits with better coverage:

  • Initial accident treatment and follow-up treatment

  • Telemedicine treatment

  • Appliances

  • Ambulance

  • Hospital admission and confinement

  • Diagnostic exams and X-rays

  • Intensive care

How it works

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An employee's covered son is injured playing football and is taken by an ambulance to the ER.

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X-rays determine he has a severe fracture, requiring a hospital stay.

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After being released, they submit a claim to United Schools Associates.

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The accident is covered and United Schools Associates sends them a check.

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