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Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Even with great major medical coverage, a hospital stay can mean serious financial obstacles. When a covered employee is already hurting, Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance from United Schools Associates can bring them meaningful benefits to help cover out of pocket costs. Now, employers have more flexible options and competitive price points.

Why Hospital Indemnity?

Family Unwrapping

The average hospital stay is 4.5 days, and the average hospital bill is $11,259.*

With medical costs rising, United Schools Associatescan help cover expenses by paying benefits starting at admission for each day of hospital confinement — reducing out-of-pocket costs related to unexpected hospital expenses.

Employers can choose between lump-sum and daily benefit options. Employees can use benefit payments to cover medical expenses, supplement lost income, or to pay for groceries, bills or whatever they want.


About Group Hospital Indemnity

In addition to our Group Hospital Indemnity plans, Assurity's featured plan options include a Basic Care option with provides coverage beyond hospital confinement, a Prime Benefits option with an increased admission benefit and a Sickness Only option.

Advantages of Hospital Indemnity Insurance

  • Helps cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with a hospital stay

  • Benefits paid directly to insured person

  • No deductibles or copays

  • No networks - see any doctor

  • Guaranteed issue - no medical exams or tests to qualify

  • Flexible plans can fit into a variety of budgets

How it works

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An employee is admitted to the hospital for a covered illness or injury.

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They're released from the hospital and submit a claim to USA.

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Based on the insured person's selected benefits. USA sends them a check.

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