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Paycheck Protection

When an employee is sick or injured and can't work, Group Short-Term Disability Income insurance from United Schools Associates can bring them meaningful benefits to help replace lost income.

Why Paycheck Protection?

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Less than 1 in 3 Americans have an emergency savings fund of 6 months or more.*

If an accident or sickness prevents an employee from working, chances are the paycheck stops too. Only 31 percent of Americans have saved enough to cover six months of expenses or more and nearly a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings fund.*

Group Short-Term Disability Income Insurance from United Schools Associates can help employees protect their income, so they can focus on getting better rather than worrying about finances.


About Group Paycheck Protection

Assurity's Group Disability Income Insurance offers plan choices which provide disability coverage without add-ons at the most economical price point. Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefit plans expand disability coverage provided and include several add-ons.

Advantages of Group Group Paycheck Protection

  • Helps replace income and maintain financial stability if an employee becomes sick or injured.

  • The added financial protection allows employees to focus on recovery rather than finances.

  • Benefits are paid directly to the insured person.

  • A "modified own occupation" definition of total disability allows an employee to qualify as disabled if they cannot perform the important duties of their own occupation and are not working another job.

How it works

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A covered employee gets sick or injured and is unable to work.

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They submit claim to United School Associates

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Based on the insured person's selected benefits, USA sends them a check

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